The world today is immensely fast-paced, where news is broken in under 140 characters, and people are driven more by dancing emoticons on their mobile phones than what can be experienced outside of their 3.5" screen. But what does this mean?

Simply put, which means that messages today need to be to the point, interesting & fast… with absolutely zero time for buffer. With people accessing more than 5 windows at any given time!!

Which is why we, at uniQish, don't just think in terms of SEO and call-to-actions, but also invest immense mindon the deeper relationships between you and your audience.

Because,the most interesting challenge today is not in how to best tackle specific social media platforms, or in how to best to leverage the technologies we have, but in how best to make brands as human as possible in this artificial digital world.

And we help achieve just that for our client’s brands. We help clients rise above hardcore data,and notoverlook the human aspect of marketing and business in the digital world. We believe that it's crucial to begin the process of delivering real human experiences inthe web world.