We now live in a world in which news is broken in under 140 characters and people are more driven by dancing emoticons on their mobile phones than what can be experienced outside of their 3.5” screen. So what does that mean?

We design our message to them has to be to the point, interesting & fast …we cannot buffer.Because at a time they are peeping in more then 5 windows!!

We don’t think only in terms of SEO and call-to-actions, but more so on the deeper relationship between you and your audience.

The most interesting challenge is not how to best tackle specific social media platforms or how best to leverage the technologies we have, but how best to be as human as possible in this digital world.

We are so driven by data that we often overlook the human aspect of marketing and business. We believe that it’s crucial to begin the process of delivering of real, human experiences on the web.