Permanent Uniqishers

We are a set of two people, and share a cumulative experience of more than 30 years in advertising, brand planning and management, digital platforms, events and consultancy world. We are the proud to be parents of our extended family that includea set of consultants - designers, copywriters, artists, programmers, event managers -they back us with their expertise whenever needed, and that's the way we like it.

We take each requirement of our clients too seriously. For instance, our client base is anassortmentfrom diverse sectors, yet consistency and uniformity within each brand is what our clients have always loved us for. We love challenges. Our constant endeavour to out-beat ourselves at every stage and stand out is our strength. We love simplicity. We work hard to eliminate every complication at work. Our eye for smallest details, our passion for exhaustive thinking, our ability to create new ideas,our strategic & creative vision that remain cohesive throughout for each individual brand - our pluses seem to keep us apart from chaos each time.

Beyond this, we work tirelessly to ensure exceptional quality and thinking is put into everything we do. Our customised services are built around every baby's(brand) individual needs,rather than their unreasonable desires.